A Spray that Never Let Any Pest Stay

Shop the brand-new Bugz Juice to avoid the invasion of the uninvited, multi-legged guest to your house.

The Bugz Juice Kit

The kit is a savior for urgencies – it contains a spray bottle, extended nozzle, concentrated juice, and a no-more-bug guarantee! Spray whenever you want!

Bugz Juice Spray Bottle & Nozzle

Keeping the formula useable for longer – The Bugz Juice Spray Bottle is airtight and increases usability!

Bugz Juice Oil

Concentrated juice to create potency according to your need! Then, add water for dilution and spray!

Flaunt your choice – Get the Bug sticker for your car or stick it on the door to warn off other bugs against the organic yet potent Bugz Juice!