Protecting honey bees and other pollinators

We love the bees! They (and other pollinators) are critical to the environment and our food supply. When applied properly, we can minimize the risk to these pollinators, while still enjoying bug-free homes. Each Bug Juice shipment comes with instructions and best practices to minimize the risk to pollinators, like never spraying flowers or plants that are shedding pollen.

By following these best practices, you’re helping local pollinator populations keep our flowers blooming and our food supply healthy.

Keeping pesticides out of water sources and drains

If water sources become contaminated with pesticides of any type, it can be toxic to fish and aquatic ecosystems. We never want that to happen. That’s why every Bug Juice shipment comes with only the amount you need, along with detailed safe disposal guidelines and application instructions to keep pesticides out of water sources and drains.

Please do your part and always correctly dispose of pesticides. This will prevent damage to aquatic ecosystems, and keep our drinking water pure.

Preventing misapplications and overapplications

Everybody wants a clean, healthy planet. Since misapplying or overapplying pesticides can negatively impact the environment, we want to help you do it right. Bug Juice provides clear training, support, and all necessary equipment to ensure best practices are being followed, and we only send exactly how much you need to prevent overapplications.

When you closely follow the instructions/label included with your pesticide, you’re applying pest control the responsible way—and helping keep our planet healthy.