Bugz Juice offers a High-quality & Effective bugs sprays

Have you ever opened the shower curtain in anticipation of jumping in only to see a vaguely familiar bug? When you begin to feel secure, a home invasion occurs! And several bugs are invading your home, causing various diseases. Getting it done as soon as possible is always recommended, and rapid action is always helpful unless the right product is used. Since no one enjoys living in a home full of bugs, Bugz Juice offers a high-quality spray that is natural and guarantees the result of having a bug-free house.

MT Cheaha Hemp Co, LLC

MT cheaha hemp co, LLC  was established in 2019  and  is family owned and operated. Our goal is to produce a quality products. Our CBD is produced from feminized seeds and grown in rich river bottoms in Alabama.

We do not use any insecticides, pesticides, or herbicides.

We strive to give you a high-quality product for a fair price. We offer discounts for senior citizens, military, and medical patients.

Made in America, Grown, Processed, Hand made, and packaged at our farm in Alabama.

Don’t panic our CBD is Organic.

Mission Statement

“To assist you in keeping unwanted multi-legged animals out of your areas.”

We get it; nobody wants to be alone, but that does not mean living with pests is okay. We are here to help since nobody loves having strangers stay in their homes without permission. We are experts in various problems that enter your environment, particularly those that pose a danger to you, your family, or your home. Ants, cockroaches, flies, moths, stinging insects, spiders, and termites are the most prevalent pests. Place your pre-orders immediately if you require immediate pest treatment; we can assist!

Know The Bugz Juice Team

Despite our professional expertise in debugging places, remember we’ve once been in your shoes – We’ve battled the pests firsthand and tested our Bugz Juice before it ever left the development stage!