Bugz Juice Spray

Load Your Bug Spray Gun Today, Wage A War Against These Nuisance Makers!

Your Bugz Juice spray isn’t a regular beyond-the-countertop pesticide. Instead, it is a dedicatedly developed bug control formula – extracted from the purest hemp oil that is strained under just the right temperature, the potent juice is obtained.

The extract is mixed with coconut oil to ensure its safe use and deadly treat for all the bugs. The bug killer is now ready – Hot water must be added to ensure its potency. Load the mixture into the provided spray bottle, and you’re ready to live in a bug-free environment!


Bugz Juice Oil

Concentrated juice to create potency according to your need! Then, add water for dilution and spray!

Bugz Juice Packages Are Now Available!

Spray bottles, concentrated oil and a lot more by Bugz Juice are now available in a single package! Better package for the best bug killer!

Order now and live a nuisance-free life!

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