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Bug'z Juice

Have you ever opened the shower curtain in anticipation of jumping in only to see a vaguely familiar bug? When you begin to feel secure, a home invasion occurs! And several bugs are invading your home, causing various diseases. Getting it done as soon as possible is always recommended, and rapid action is always helpful unless the right product is used. Since no one enjoys living in a home full of bugs, Bugz Juice offers a natural, high-quality spray that guarantees a bug-free house.

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Bug'z Juice

Making Your Dream Of A Pest-Free Home Into Existence

Avoid using dangerous chemicals when pests turn the lush landscape you work so hard to maintain into a scraggly, brown disaster. Bugz Juice is made with 100% organic herbs to exclude any chemicals to cause trouble for you.
Chemical sprays usually lose their potency faster than organic insecticides do. You’ve undoubtedly used chemical pesticides before, following the same routine: apply once, repeat in 30 days, etc. Repeated applications of chemical sprays can permanently harm your health, but not Bugz Juice, made 100% organic.
Bugz Juice is frequently seen as a far more environmentally friendly solution to keep insects out of your home. Using the right herbs instead of the usual chemicals for the house produces better, safer and more lasting results.
The critical ingredient in Bugz Juice is hemp extract – extracted and strained, it is mixed with coconut oil and hot water to bring you a perfect bug killer! Get 100% results in a bug-free environment!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of pest control?

It varies from case to case. It takes longer to get rid of some pests than others, and servicing some properties is more difficult due to their size. Depending on the nature and severity of the required therapy, some procedures could take as little as 30 minutes, while others could go on for as long as 8 hours.

How do I apply Bugz Juice?

Bugz Juice is simple and can be applied in as little as 10 minutes. Each Bugz Juice package includes thorough instructions and application advice.

Can I spray indoors?

Bugz Juice is developed as a specialty product for an indoor bug-free environment. So, Bugz Juice is perfectly safe to use indoors and is designed for indoor use only!

Is your 'bug-free guarantee' effective?

We’re so sure you’re Bugz Juice is effective that if you’re not entirely happy with the outcomes of the items we offer, we’ll take whatever steps are necessary to make it right—sending specialized therapies, individualized treatment programs, or a full refund—to make it right. So get in touch with our support staff, and we’ll take care of you.

How long does each application last?

To maintain the effectiveness of the bug barrier surrounding your home, we advise reapplying every 2-3 months (depending on your area). Once you’ve bought a subscription, your Bugz Juice dosage shall be automatically replenished. So your bug barrier will be effective all year long, and you won’t ever forget when to reapply.

Pet & Kids safety – Is it a pet and kid-safe product?

Bugz Juice is manufactured indoors. Thus it has all elements of hazard removed and strained. In addition, the truly organic nature of the spray makes it safe for homes with pets and kids – Be content and embark on a bug war today!

Is it safe to use on furniture?

Made with hemp oil and mixed in coconut oil, the Bugz Juice is a perfect bug-killing machine that’s safe for you to use on any surface. No polish removal and paint destruction. Your furniture is safe, so you can easily spray in small gaps that can be a bug’s nest.

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    Seed dispersal is mainly carried out by wind – However, insects that feed on plants form a formidable part of the pollination process. The link to pollination makes them a vital part of the ecosystem. Chemically formulated insecticides and pesticides impact the population of such vital organisms.

    Keeping a check on the pollinator population without mutating their habitat makes Bugz Juice an eminent addition to your debugging mission!